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KC Competition meats was started in 2015 by Keith Sisk. As a fellow BBQ competitor, Keith saw the need for a one stop shop where you could buy quality meats for competition BBQ. He formed KC Competition meats to simplify finding good quality products for all BBQ competitors.

Paul Grieco, a three-generation competition BBQ competitor, joined Keith’s team in March 2016 as the order specialist. Paul inspects all of the product before it is shipped out and trims the product to meet customer standards.  He tracks orders and makes sure all the product is shipped correctly and on time.

In May of 2016 KC Competition Meats partnered with Smithfield food who became the official pork provider for KC Competition Meats.  This merger was ideal due to that fact the Smithfield products aren’t available in every state. The merger made Smithfield products accessible to any competitor across the United States through KC Competition Meats.

KC Competition Meats was acquired by the Ward family in September of 2016. The Ward family has been breeding Angus cattle for 25 years as Valley Oaks Angus and are the owners of Valley Oaks Steak Company. Valley Oaks Steak Company is a true farm to fork operation. The Ward’s raise the cattle at their Angus and Commercial Cattle Farms, finish feeding the cattle at their state of the art Feedlot, and then processes the cattle at their Processing Facility. Valley Oaks Steak Company products are then sold at the locally owned Grain Valley and Oak Grove Sun Fresh markets as well as online at www.valleyoakssteakcompany.com. Valley Oaks Steak Company also provides farm fresh brisket to KC Competition Meats. The Ward family wants to carry on the legacy of KC Competition Meats as a sister company to Valley Oaks Steak Company. Keith Sisk is continuing to maintain and run the company. Today KC Competition Meats is run out of Oak Grove Sun Fresh Market in Oak Grove, Missouri.

KC Competition Meats ships competition BBQ meat and products nationwide. They are a trusted source for many BBQ competitors and take pride in offering the best products on the market. In 2016 KC Competition Meats sold all four categories to the winner of the American Royal Invitational BBQ Contest. Try KC Competition Meats today and let us help you win your next competition!


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